Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our encounters wit Go can be narrow and limited.  The people of the day had high expectations of their Messiah  He was to be strong and powerful.  When Jesus mentions suffering the image of the savior had become deflated.  The savior didn’t come to squash evil but to take in in and transform it.  What are our expectations of Christ?      ~ Fr. Matt


Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The gospels are faith reflections not biographies or history.  Please note concerned friends brought the hearing and speech impaired man to Jesus.  The Master had an intimate encounter with him.  We are meant to experience that same healing touch with Jesus as we call on him in our need.      ~ Fr. Matt



Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Life is governed by laws and traditions. Laws maintain order.  However when frozen in time laws stifle change, inclusion and creativity.  Take note of nature.  Animals shed their fur and birds molt in order to receive new fur and feathers. May we allow the transformative spirit of God to satisfy the needs of our world.       ~ Fr. Matt



Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We need food for our bodies to stay healthy and to be able to function.  We need spiritual food for our souls, mind, and hearts to live and thrive as human beings.  Are we  starving ourselves?  Are we consuming the wrong things that deplete our humanity?  How can we remedy this?        ~ Fr. Matt