Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

How can words of the gospel be powerful? Do they shake us and call us to new heights?  There is an understanding of the portability of the word.  It’s our personal decision to take words of Jesus and allow them to transform us and our surroundings.          ~ Fr. Matt


Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The pandemic has made us appreciate meals together around the family table. Think back a few, short months ago when public Mass was forbidden to slow the spreading of the virus.  We have recaptured our hunger for the Eucharist and feasting with the Lord and one another. Thanks be to God!                    ~ Fr. Matt


Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

What a loving portrayal of God and his people.  The Isaiah image of the vineyard is detailed and easily applied to ourselves as God’s people.  God has invested his divinity into our daily lives.  What we do with the tenderness and grace?              ~ Fr. Matt


Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Neither son was perfect in Gospel story, both fell short of fulfilling the will of their father.  Both sons are flawed by sin.  One son had the insight that his father was loving.  Will we use our prerogative to turn from evil and do good?  Do we believe enough to change our minds  and our direction in life.    ~ Fr. Matt



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