Eighteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time

Today’s scriptures emphasize our needs and wants.  Alexander the Great gave instructions that at his burial his hands would not be tied and hidden as was the custom.  He wanted them hanging outside the bier as a reminder that the conqueror of the world took nothing with him.  People who “lose everything” in a natural disaster vow to live their lives more wisely and realize their genuine needs.              ~ Fr. Matt

Seventeenth Sunday In Ordinary Time

The Readings are rich with material to consider, almost too much to consume.  When confronted by the Divine One, Abraham becomes emboldened seeking mercy on all through the faithfulness of a few.  The Gospel stories remind us that prayer to God is essential.  Persistent shamelessness in requests will get results.  Asking, Seeking, and Knocking are essential to a fulfilling human life.                                                        ~ Fr. Matt


Sixteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time

Without the fuel of prayer, service can be a crushing responsibility.  Martha and Mary remind us we need the silence and communion with God so that doing things for others do not become an annoyed grumbling instead of a vocation or calling from God.  Let us go forth imitating the example of Martha and Mary so as to experience the fulfillment of our humanity.          ~ Fr. Matt


Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who is my neighbor?  The claims of the needy and suffering, the claims of the mistreated and marginalized, these claims affirm our identity…you are the neighbor!    ~ Fr. Matt