Parish Ministries and Organizations

Name Contact Person Phone Number
Altar Servers (SA) Mary Ann Kleinfelder 724-342-7391
Altar Servers(OLF) Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
Baptismal Class Fr. Matt Ruyechan 724-342-7391
Blue Army of Our Lady Jan Baker 724-734-4726
Building & Grounds (SA) Denny Schell 330-448-4577
Building & Grounds (OLF) Joe Joseph 724-346–3359
Choir/Music Ministry (SA) Monica Baker 724-718-5274
Choir/Music Ministry (OLF)
Jean Sabol 724-347-4316
Eucharistic Ministers (SA) Mary Ann Kleinfelder 724-342-7391
Eucharistic Ministers (OLF) Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
Finance Committee (SA) Mary Ann Pranic 724-346-5477
Finance Committee (OLF) Joe Joseph 724-346-3359
Lectors (SA) Mary Ann Kleinfelder 724-342-7391
Lectors (OLF) Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
Money Counters (SA) Mary Ann Kleinfelder 724-342-7391
Money Counters (OLF) Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
 Parish Council (SA)  BJ Wlodarski 724-699-2533
 Parish Council (OLF)  Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
 Parish Maintenance (SA) Jim Slanitz 724-866-3868
 Parish Maintenance (OLF) Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
 Pro-Life (SA) Joanne Schell 330-448-4577
 Pro-Life (OLF) Jean Balcerzak 724-346-4063

Cemetery Contacts

St. Ann Cemetery Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
St. Anthony Cemetery Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
St. Elizabeth Cemetery Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
Holy Cross Cemetery Mary Ann Kleinfelder / Kevin Burns 724-342-7391 or 724-866-6150
Holy Trinity Cemetery Mary Ann Kleinfelder / Ray Babos 724-342-7391 or 724-528-1092
Our Lady of Fatima Cemetery Pam Rabold 724-346-3359
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery Mary Ann Kleinfelder 724-342-7391
St. Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery Mary Ann Kleinfelder / Jim Slanitz 724-342-7391 or 724-866-3868