Baptisms are scheduled by appointment, six (6) weeks in advance and take place during the weekend Masses.

Baptism class is required for first-time parents.  Please call the church office to schedule your class.  During Lent and Advent, Baptisms usually are not scheduled.

What are the requirements for godparents and sponsors?

When a child or an adult is to be baptized, he or she must have at least one godparent or sponsor (the terms are interchangeable).  It is customary for children to have two godparents. When there are two, one must be male and the other female. Godparents must meet all the following criteria, which are established by universal Church law and which do not vary from place to place.  Godparents must:

  1. be Catholic
  2. have been Baptized, Confirmed and receive Communion
  3. be 16 or older
  4. must be living a life consistent with their own Baptismal vows

Our Lady of Fatima Church

Saturday afternoon from 3:00-4:00 pm

St. Anthony Church

Sunday morning from 10:00-10:30 am


For marriage preparation, you must make an appointment with a priest at least six months in advance.

Holy Orders

Some people fulfill God’s call to Holiness by serving as sisters, priests or permanent deacons.  Men or women who feel that call should contact our parish priest.

Anointing of the Sick

We want to celebrate this sacrament whenever anyone is in need due to illness, the infirmity that comes with age or any other time it is desired.  

Please call the Pastor at 724-342-7391, extension 5.