Pentecost Sunday

The Tower of Babel accentuated the arrogance of men and women, creating a world without God.  Let us not allow our sinfulness and selfishness contaminate Pentecost which emphasizes our ministry of peace and pardon in Jesus’s name.               ~ Fr. Matt



Seventh Sunday of Easter

Our lives are found in the physical.  Should we make a trip to search for the upper room in Jerusalem?  What about the Upper Room where we encounter Jesus with regularity? During the pandemic we desperately long for the Eucharist.  Even with this emptiness we locate and create and Upper Room in which we daily meet the Lord.      ~ Fr. Matt



Sixth Sunday of Easter

Hope is an orientation of the spirit.  Hope transcends the present moment and is anchored beyond the horizons we can see.  Hope does not associate itself with joy, predicting the ultimate victory we long for.  Hope is working for something that is worthwhile, not that it will necessarily be a success.        ~ Fr. Matt


Fifth Sunday of Easter

We consider Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Today Jesus emphasizes his personhood as our  main attraction to him.  In Old Testament there was an emphasis on the Law as presence of God, the Essenes put a priority on preparing the way of the Lord, early Christians followed Jesus as the new way.  The way we look at Jesus (Christology) is the way we look at the community of the church (ecclesiology).        ~ Fr. Matt


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