Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The church wants us to be actively engaged in the celebration of the Mass. Even preaching presents an eternal triangle of message, speaker, and audience.

I am overwhelmed by your good wishes and  gifts. It’s an act of love to serve you.    ~ Fr. Matt





Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are called to overcome the hindrances that life puts in front of us. What about the obstacles that we erect to block out the hurts of life? Do we impede the life giving refreshment that comes with our relationship with God?           ~ Fr. Matt




Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

How do we define a human being?  We are a mysterious unity of social, physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.  The dimensions have their own laws and operations.  Examining who we are helps us understand that we are a child of God.  When we Christians become children of God we enter His Kingdom.    ~ Fr. Matt


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