Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Life flourishes when virtues are practiced.  The readings call us to be mindful of others needs.  We have too much of over consumptions and broken relationships.  Let us strive to grow in the Divine vision of one body, one family so deeply loved by God.    ~ Fr. Matt


Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

People need sustenance, security, and healing.  Jesus is the successor of Moses and chief Shepherd.  Jesus like Moses will lead his people through the alienation of sin, and be the revelation of God’s relationship with his people.    ~ Fr. Matt



Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Having celebrated any number marriages for 40, 50, or 60 years, we often ask why they chose each other.  The answers are subtle.  They make each other feel safe, loved, and beautiful.  No fireworks  involved, just ordinary feelings in the heart.  Let’s use this paradigm in our relationship with God.              ~ Fr. Matt



Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The scarecrow, the tinman, the lion and Dorothy all found out that the Wizard of Oz was just an ordinary man.  The Gospel story tells us that the people couldn’t believe that Jesus was the messiah because he was ordinary.  Do we deny that the Divine is in our mundane, ordinary circumstances?         ~ Fr. Matt

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