Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

If we refute the message of the earthy Jesus we will remain unconvinced of his resurrection  from the dead. Conversion is possible only on this side of the grave. To refuse to repent is to reject living life and the opportunity to enjoy everlasting happiness.    ~ Fr. Matt



Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Amos was a shepherd. He lived near Bethlehem. His sheep had a unique wool. He was a migrant worker who was skilled to harvest wild figs. Amos was an unlikely candidate to be a prophet. If we find ourselves unlikely to extend the kingdom let us do our part as Amos did.        ~ Fr. Matt



Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We like to imagine ourselves in the stories Jesus offers. What role do we find ourselves portraying in life?  Remember the Lord ate with Pharisees, Teachers of the law, with sinners, the riffraff of the Hebrew world. Jesus desires unity at his heavenly banquet.     ~ Fr. Matt



Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Naive and starry eyed infatuation is something that Jesus wants us to avoid. There are pitfalls to discipleship to Jesus. We are called to meet and manage them. Forgiveness requires repentance. Baptism needs discipline. We need to profess the message of Christ to achieve unity with him.    ~ Fr. Matt



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