Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

There is no spiritual substitution for lack of bread.  We need a proper attitude about sharing.  President Woodrow Wilson stated, “Hunger does not breed reform but breeds madness and all the ugly distempers that make an orderly life impossible.”  Jesus healed bodies, filled stomachs as well as minds and hearts.             ~ Fr. Matt


Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Thomas Merton, Trappist monk said, “we are shaped by the end we live for.”  The buried treasure and pearl of great price in today’s Gospel ask us what is the value we place in the kingdom of heaven?  We have to choose he Reign of God over all other alternatives to find true fulfillment.         ~ Fr. Matt

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

From the parable of weeds and the wheat we are offered this wisdom, namely James repudiates elitism, the human community is a mixed bag of good and bad, judgement belongs to God which will come at end of time, until then there is still the opportunity for change and growth in our lives.          ~ Fr. Matt


Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the Hebrew mind the spoken word is more than the enunciation of an idea.  Spoken words are dynamic entities needed to be realized in space and time.  Words cannot be revoked.  If the human word is so powerful imagine the utterances of God for our present and future.              ~ Fr. Matt


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