Thirty Second Sunday In Ordinary Time

The devil is in the details as we’ve been told. The leaders of the Hebrew religion had a very narrow approach to God and life.  Hence they wrote off and rejected Jesus as Messiah and Savior.  Jesus revealed the compassionate face of God outside the Mosaic law.  He values people more than rubrics.  Sometimes we find our answers for life in tedious footnotes of our Catholicism.  Let us not miss the obvious truth, Go is Love and we who abide in love abide in God and God in us.            ~ Fr. Matt


Thirty First Sunday In Ordinary Time

True wisdom does not judge and condemn.  True wisdom understands and forgives.  If we live each day as our last, then we shall prepare a worthy welcome for the Lord.  If one day salvation knocked at our door, would we recognize and welcome him?            ~ Fr. Matt


Thirtieth Sunday In Ordinary Time

Prayer turns us outward, not inward.  Prayer is a leap of faith.  Our supplications do not change God but changes our experience of life.  The tax collector looks outward.  He gazed upon God with awe and gratitude.  He left a changed man.  He threw himself on the mercy of God.  The Pharisee looked inwardly and remained anchored to his own self righteousness.  He made no leap of faith.  He did not change. ~ Fr. Matt

Twenty Ninth Sunday In Ordinary Time

Moses in the Old Testament story and the widow described in the Gospel illustrate the quality of prayer we need to develop.  We have to be tenacious in our persistence in prayer.  Breathed by God the scriptures have authority and power in our own day and in our own lives just as the years gone by.                        ~ Fr. Matt


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