Sixth Sunday of Easter

The church follows humanity n the quest for order.  However sometimes that theory gets interrupted as described in the first reading.  The Gentiles received the Holy Spirit before they were baptized.  Let us all be aware of God intervening in our life at the most inopportune times.    ~ Fr. Matt


Fifth Sunday of Easter

We can never enjoy a private relationship with God.  Our experiences with the Divine are all intertwined. We acknowledge the unity and affirm our diversity as God’s children.       ~ Fr. Matt


Fourth Sunday of Easter

The Good Shepherd represents the new agreement that God has with humanity.  Our task is to allow all people to experience God’s love especially the weak, the rejected, and the needy.   

~ Fr. Matt

Third Sunday of Easter

Touching, talking, and eating are a part of the apostles’ encounter with the Risen Lord. We don’t know all the details of the resurrected body of Christ, but it is a promise that we will share that experience in everlasting life.    ~ Fr. Matt



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