First Sunday of Advent

Here we go again. One liturgical year ending, a new one beginning. In many ways we have the Advent season down. We participate in all the secular and religious activities. We shop, we attend Christmas parties, we help those in need, we go to confession. As we celebrate with family and friends we renew the presence of the savior. The humility of God is born again.  ~ Fr. Matt

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Where is faith found?  Not in a book or in a church. There is no proof for faith.  There can be none.  Faith is what you find when you’re alone and realize that your are not.

                                                                    ~ Fr. Matt




Twenty-Ninths Sunday in Ordinary Time

What is greatness? Is it climbing to the top? Moving on up? Or is greatness serving others? Opportunities for service are part of our daily lives in the role we are entrusted. Nurses serve their patients, teachers their students. Parents tend to the needs of their children and spouses are engaged helping each other. We don’t need a passport or immunizations, or a long flight to a foreign country. A woman had the insight about the possibilities for service placing a plaque in her kitchen stating “Apostolic service is rendered here three times a day.”
~ Fr. Matt

October 14, 2018

We are bolstered by that fact that Jesus offers us all things with love even the distasteful ones. His power within us helps us to face every obstacle, “All things are possible with God.” May we have courage in what ever we encounter.
~ Fr. Matt