Second Sunday of Easter

The story of Doubting Thomas is always read on the second Sunday of Easter. This is the day (the first day of the week) Jesus appeared again to the apostles and Thomas. Thomas was absent the first time when Jesus breathed his gift of peace upon them and stubbornly refused to believe their testimony. He wants to see and touch Jesus for himself! He wants to touch Jesus’ wounded body before he believes! The story focuses our attention on what happens when Thomas’s desire is answered! He asked for the impossible and was granted it! He abandons his doubt and proclaims Jesus as his Lord and God! The same invitation is offered to us today: Do not be faithless but believing. How will we respond? Just as Jesus recognised Thomas in all his doubt and need, he recognises us as we too stand in need of his understanding and mercy. Will we recognise Jesus just as he recognises us? Will we, like Thomas, open ourselves to the gifts of the Risen Lord—peace, joy, the Spirit and forgiveness? Will we remember that the Risen One is the Crucified One? Will we remember that the Risen One is real? Are we open to becoming a new creation in the Risen Lord?