Sixth Sunday of Easter

Two weeks from today, we will celebrate Pentecost. We will have the possibility of receiving in a new way the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, Whom the Father will send in Jesus’ name (Jn 14:26). The Spirit plans to instruct us in everything and remind us of all that Jesus told us (Jn 14:26). This instructing and reminding from the Spirit, if discerned and heeded, will have such an effect on our lives that our decisions will also be the decisions of the Holy Spirit (Acts 15:28). Therefore, our decisions will be correct, life-changing, life-giving, miraculously wise, and fruitful for God’s kingdom.

Some of us may have messed up our marriages, finances, employment, family life, and lifestyle by a series of bad decisions. The way out of this situation is to make good decisions by the power of the Spirit. Therefore, we must receive the Holy Spirit. We must go into the upper room of prayer, repentance, and conversion. There we will receive the Spirit, Who will change our lives, hearts, minds, and decisions.