Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ministry is a natural and necessary expression of the faith of the people of God. Our service to others has a Divine head namely Christ and a feet of clay which represent our contribution. Ministry is an effort between divine and human energies where God never fails and human hands and hearts which sometimes falter.  ~ Fr. Matt



The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Lining up or standing in a queue is part of our life. We stand in gas lines, grocery lines, the emergency room line, the welfare line. During the great depression people waited in bread lines in order to live.  We carry the Body and Blood of Christ, true food, true nourishment. Let us offer to one another the bread of our time, talent, and treasure.      ~ Fr. Matt                               





The Most Holy Trinity

The way we express the Holy Trinity is in our relationship with God and the way God relates to us. In as much as the church stays true to the teachings of Jesus Christ it will be an authentic means through which the world identifies the triune God. If we obscure the life giving truth then it is a hollow shell and useless to the world.     ~ Fr. Matt



Pentecost Sunday

We ask the Spirit of God to inspire and enlighten us. May the Holy Spirit challenge and chasten us. Spirit of God empower and humble us. Illuminate us so that we may share your light with others.         ~ Fr. Matt                                                                                                                


Seventh Sunday of Easter

Is it enough to seek mercy, acknowledging past indiscretions to be in union with God ?  We need a change of heart and will which will translate into daily continuous action. Hope for our world cannot be imposed by external means, but by being born and cultivated deep in our hearts.         ~ Fr. Matt



Sixth Sunday of Easter

If we don’t use the gifts of the Spirit it is like buying a new computer and not using it or purchasing a new car and leaving it in the garage. May we cultivate the gifts of the Spirit.                                                             ~ Fr. Matt


Fifth Sunday of Easter

Love can be constituted a command because it demonstrates the sacred covenant between Jesus and his followers. Jesus’ selfless love was revealed in the good news he preached, the suffering he endured, the rejection he accepted, and in the service he rendered on the cross.     ~ Fr. Matt





Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Knowledge of the resurrection of Jesus only leads us to the precipice of understanding eternal life. We have to make a leap of faith. A personal commitment to Jesus Christ leads to forgiveness and salvation.       ~ Fr. Matt