Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Neither son was perfect in Gospel story, both fell short of fulfilling the will of their father.  Both sons are flawed by sin.  One son had the insight that his father was loving.  Will we use our prerogative to turn from evil and do good?  Do we believe enough to change our minds  and our direction in life.    ~ Fr. Matt



Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

A young scholar asked his tailor if he knew the difference between Urim and thummin.  The tailor appropriately answered “lights” and “perfection” describing a device the high priest used to determine the will of God.  The scholarly fellow was dismayed as he was trying to show off.  The tailor continued that he changed a few letters in the two words to USIN’ & THUMBIN’.  Those who familiarize themselves with the scriptures find God’s mind, ways, and will.        ~ Fr. Matt